Indigo 🟣

It’s a beautiful color, Indigo.

But apart from being a shade of blue, I define Indigo as a feeling. How come you might ask? Well, if Elvis Presley was having a Blue Christmas, and loving him was Red for Taylor Swift, then why can’t Indigo be my vibe.

Before I even get into the definition of this vibe, you need to know some things about me. For starters, I’m a very social person. I live for personal interaction and always try to view life from another’s perspective. I find this to be very refreshing while also being an opportunity to grow as a person. Additionally, I’m very optimistic. A little too optimistic some might say. I always try to find a silver lining and tend to ignore the negatives in life (This may not always be a good thing tho).

Anyways, now that you know a little bit about my character, I’ll finally try to define Indigo.

Indigo is going to the nearby coffee shop to work. But instead, you end up sharing your life story with the person right next to you simply because you needed their laptop charger.

Indigo is going to class and sitting in that open seat next to a stranger.

Indigo is taking the bus to Trader Joe’s to find yourself the ingredients for a nice Gouda Grilled cheese. But instead, you end up getting dropped home by a friend of a friend you only met once before and end up sharing your grilled cheese.

Indigo is walking into a party but leaving 5 minutes later to go to Taco Bell with that one person from your CS class who you’ve always wanted to be partnered with for the weekly lab.

Indigo is finally going to that Coldplay concert and singing the lyrics to Yellow with the person right next to you.

Indigo is the feeling of meeting someone you barely know, but in that moment, you feel as if you’ve spent a lifetime with them.

Now that you know what Indigo is, go out there and feel it!